Hi! I’m Sage, and I teach swing ukulele.

Learn the songs of the jazz age. Swing them with me.

You’re keen on the uke, you’ve got a crush on vintage jazz, but you feel stuck in your playing. You want some guidance on how to take your playing in a swingin’er direction. You want an expert player, a capable guide to help you in your ukulele journey.

You want a little bit of a little focused attention from a pro.

You want to swing.

How you can up your uke swing game:

I’ve designed Ukulele Swing School so that you can quickly learn how to swing your uke. There’s three recommendations I’d make:

access the Lesson Library

  • weekly archived to-the-point video lessons
  • each lesson is around 10 minutes long
  • all the charts and resources you need
  • find more details here

join the Ukulele Swing Academy

  • twice monthly 1.5 hour workshops held on Zoom
  • get your questions answered
  • includes access to the Lesson Library
  • find more details here

take Private lessons

  • time to work on exactly what you need
  • over a decade’s teaching experience
  • work with me personally to quickly get you swinging your uke

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Sage did a fine job of breaking the song into bits so that we can do it, and repeating the pieces with her over and over made it stick. I like her arrangement because the chord progressions make it sound kind of fancy without it being too hard. Last, but not least, Sage has such a beautiful singing voice. Thank you!


Your uke is a time machine. Let’s travel to the golden jazz era.

I’ve been teaching ukulele as an independent musician since 2012 and here at Ukulele Swing School I’m offering you my suggestions for the next great old swing tune that you can start strumming right away.

There are so many fabulous tunes out there that deserve to be strummed, and I hope that together we can keep singing them.

access great swathes of tasty ukulele video resources in the:

Lesson Library

How can you collect all the swing tunes you’re hungry for? I’m hoping to make it easy for you, which is why I put together Ukulele Swing School’s Lesson Library.

Every Tuesday, I share a brief lesson video with some techniques that you can apply to a tune at hand, that can quickly improve your approach to playing it on the ukulele. In the video, I’ll share the key techniques that each of my arrangements call for. Plus I’ll always include .pdfs of chord charts and lyrics, so you have all the resources you need to strum along and sing.

Try a lesson:

Check out a hot, swinging lesson fresh from the Lesson Library, and get valuable tips on how to jazz up your playing!

↑ ↑ ↑ click that link, because you know and I know you need to be strumming and singing a Fats Waller tune, stat

meet with me twice a month for online ukulele workshops in:

Ukulele Swing School’s Academy

Twice a month we meet online for a lighthearted workshop session to help you get in the swing of things and refine your playing. We’ll cover crucial uke technique while having fun playing jazz standards and those lesser-played gems from the 1920’s-40’s. Let’s exponentially expand your jazz uke repertoire and get you in the swing of things.

During the lessons you’ll have the opportunity to step into the spotlight and get feedback from me on your playing. You’ll get personalized, expert attention. We’ll get your playing sounding utterly divine and swinging.

Not only that, you can send me video or audio recordings of your playing through email or WhatsApp. I’ll give personalized feedback that will help refine your uke technique and make your playing shine. Or, share your playing in the student group, where I not only listen with an analytical and supportive ear, but also share vintage music playlists and other ephemera.

You’ll have the video replays of the lessons, access to all course resources, and you can soak up hot jazz ukulele swing techniques even if you can’t make it to the live Zoom call.

For as long as your membership is active, you’ll have access to all lesson video replays, course material, charts, song sheets, and other course resources. 

Oh! And did I mention that your Academy membership includes access to the Lesson Library as well?

Jump on in. Sign up now.

Want more info? Click here, or contact me with questions.

Private Lessons

Contact me if you want one-on-one time to get your uke playing swinging. I love teaching online and we can get your uke playing sounding great.

Your uke is a time machine.

Let’s take it to the jazz age. Ready to get some expert teaching and start to really swing your uke, and sing along too? It’s time to dive in, let’s go for it.

Sage is so super professional as a ukulele teacher — I’m honestly impressed!


Who am I, anyway?

I’m Sage, and I’ve been playing ukulele since a friend sold me his barely-touched one in 2010. It must have been fate: I fell in love with the instrument immediately! The uke suits me—and my life-long love of jazz and American folk music—so very well.

I’ve been teaching ukulele for over a decade and have a lifetime’s worth of performance experience.

And when I make music, it sounds like this.

Want some stats? 

Over my musical lifetime I have had …

  • 250 + one to one students
  • 700+ group workshop students
  • 70,500+ youtube views
  • 500+ live shows played
  • 9 (and counting) recorded projects / albums

What are students saying?

Sage is such a good teacher! Friendly and professional, she always has enjoyable teaching material and often inquires as to what I would like to practice, including me in the teaching process. With absolutely zero background in music, I was proud to call myself a musician and a ukulelist after a few lessons only. I fondly look forward to our weekly lessons and I highly recommend Sage to anyone who would like to start playing such a fun and enjoyable instrument!


Join us: it’ll be so much fun.

Here’s what I recommend:

I’m so looking forward to sharing these songs with you.