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Lesson Library

How can you collect all the swing tunes you’re hungry for? I want to make it easy for you, which is why I put together Ukulele Swing School’s Lesson Library.

Every Tuesday, I share a brief (usually no more than 10 minutes long) lesson video with some techniques that you can apply to a tune at hand, that can quickly improve your approach to playing it on the ukulele. In the video, I’ll share the key techniques that each of my arrangements call for. Plus I’ll always include pdfs of chord charts and lyrics, so you have all the resources you need to strum along and sing.

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What songs can I find in the archives?

Oh so many classic and unsung heroes of the swing, jazz, and Americana variety, and the list is always growing. Read on for more.

Can you teach me chord melody on the uke?

Why yes, and here are some of the numbers already in the archives:

  • Avalon, 1920
  • Any Time, Clarence Williams, 1928
  • Wildwood Flower, The Carter Family, 1928
  • Hanalei Moon
  • If I Had You, 1928
  • Freight Train, Elizabeth Cotten, 1912

Can you help me improve my strumming?

Of course! Here are some lessons in the archives to get you singing and strumming:

  • I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire, The Ink Spots, 1938
  • Lovesick Blues, yes, the Hank Williams one, 1922
  • I Never See Maggie Alone, 1926
  • April Showers, 1921
  • I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, 1928
  • Have A Little Dream on Me, Fats Waller! 1934
  • Remember, Irving Berlin, 1925
  • Honolulu, How Do You Do? 1932
  • It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie, 1936
  • Ukulele Moon, 1930

What are students saying?

Sage did a fine job of breaking the song into bits so that we can do it, and repeating the pieces with you over and over made it stick. I like the arrangement because the chord progressions make it sound kind of fancy without it being too hard. Last, but not least, Sage has such a beautiful singing voice. Thank you!


Was a great lesson, Sage is a very good teacher and her voice is something special.


Sage is such a good teacher! Friendly and professional, she always has enjoyable teaching material and often inquires as to what I would like to practice, including me in the teaching process.


When you join Ukulele Swing School’s Lesson Library, you can find:

  • weekly to-the-point lessons that can get you strumming jazz tunes in about 10 minutes
  • all the resources you need to learn the techniques behind my uke arrangements
  • exclusive weekly playthrough videos (great for practicing, and as reference material)
  • pdfs of relevant chord charts and songsheets
  • occasional ephemera such as vintage sheet music images
  • listening recommendations: links to my favorite versions of these tunes
  • a new song or technique to work on every week, with short, fun lessons that will deepen your understanding of how to play jazz, swing, and Americana styles
  • a living, growing, ever-expanding super fun vintage music songsheet / chart / songbook / fake book collection / library
  • easy peasy practice aids: playalong videos in a key that matches the recording
  • an ongoing drip feed of jazz, baby

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